MarY Gail Frawley-O’Dea, Ph.D.


Clinical Psychologist


Trauma Specialist

Director of Counseling,

Presbyterian Psychological


Charlotte, NC 28210

Author & Editor


Educator & Speaker

Expert Witness


Presbyterian Psychological Services

5203 Sharon Road

Charlotte, NC 28210

704-554-9900, ext. 304


Psychotherapy and the training of psychotherapists are crafts, combining both scientific principles and artisanship.  No two therapeutic or training  journeys are alike.  Rather, they reflect the unique interactions of the individuals involved in the processes.  Therapists and patients; supervisors and supervisees; authors and readers; students and educators enter into a relationship through which, when things go well, “more” becomes possible -- more life, more love, more play, more feeling, more thought, more choice,  more reflection.